Creating a custom Website is a fun and fulfilling discovery!

Why a custom Website layout versus a website template?

 Question: Are you animated (custom layout) or a photo (template)?   

Think of what happens when you meet someone.  
You greet them, by introducting yourself. They see you--how you are dressed, what you say and sound like.  They are immediately aware of how you treat them--hopefully, with an interest in helping them and providing a good product for them.  A product or service you will need to explain and/or show them.

A custom Website is a unique visual layout that establishes an atmosphere that represents who you are and what your business offers.  When someone visits your Website they will have a glimpse into who you are and what you offer so they already know something accurate about you and your business when you meet.  This assists in building your relationships with clients.  

As it happens, this is my signature work.  
It is my expression of my talent, and my value added way of assisting you in conveying your message.

What's next?

You need to let the public know about your Website.  You do this everyday in everyway that is possible in conversation.  Also put your Website address (domain name) on everything: business cards, letterhead, email signature blocks.  You can ask me to assist you with paid formats for high exposure on search engines.  You can help yourself for free when you create a presence on myspace, facebook or a blog, as some examples and add your website address.

       How do we start the process of developing a custom Website for you?
With a  phone interview and when possible also in person. On request, I will travel to you.  By knowing you I can better use your words and create a visual context to develop a custom Website for you.  I also welcome all of your input and will work with your ideas. Then we can identify a marketing plan to bring visitors to your Website that will focus on your specific audience.
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